Help us meet our goal of raising $10,000 by October 30th. Your contribution will go towards start-up costs. This includes: renovation and rental costs of the space; purchasing equipment and materials as well as  salaries of the four worker-owners of the Arcade.


Make a one-time or monthly financial contribution:

Dons en-ligne:

On-line donations:

**IMPORTANT*** Please write in the section “Message/Instructions for Saint Columba House” that this is a donation for the Press Start Youth Coop. In the unlikely event that the co-op does not raise enough funds to start-up, your donation will go towards youth-led teen programming at Saint -Columba House.

Cheques and money orders can be mailed or dropped off at:

La Maison Saint Columba House
2365  Grand-Trunk
Montreal, Quebec
H3K 1M8

Cheques should be made payable to: La Maison Saint-Columba House


All financial and material contributions are greatly appreciated! Other than our eternal gratitude we would like to offer a small token of appreciation.

  • 50$ – 150$ Unique upcycled mug with the arcade insignia
  • 151$ – 250$ A one week pass to the Arcade and a unique upcycled mug with the arcade insignia.
  • 251$ – 350 $ A monthly pass to the Arcade and an invitation to our GRAND OPENING!!
  • 351$ – 450$ A canvas bag with our logo and an invitation to all parties in 2018
  • 451$ and up  A T-shirt with our logo and an invitation to all parties in 2018 and a plaque (with donors name) to be put in the arcade for everyone to see.


Why should you support this project?

Really…an arcade?

Press Start is more than an arcade, it is a youth-led project supported by adult collaborators that emerged out of an almost year-long consultation process with over two hundred youth from the community. Recently reaffirmed, in a three-month long market research process,the desire for an arcade is real.

This project is supporting youth in developing a project that will allow the worker-owners of the co-op to learn new skills that are transferable to the rest of their lives. It is a project that seeks to work towards the betterment of the community with youth as the instigators of social change.

The arcade games are but a small part of what Press Start will offer.

Shane and Samara with sign
Shane et Samara au gala annuel de collecte de fonds de La Maison Saint-Columba/Shane and Samara at Saint-Columba Houses’ annual fundraising gala.

Contribute material and equipment (to make a material donation, please contact us at

  • Console games / Video games (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, arcade terminals etc.)
  • Board & card games
  • Paint & decorations
  • Televisions
  • Grocery store gift cards to purchase ingredients for the snack that will be prepared and sold at the Arcade.
  • Tables & chairs

Share your time, your skills and show your support:

  • Help with painting an renovations
  • Reparation of Arcade and video games
  • Promotion of the Arcade
  • Or talk to us about how you would like to contribute!